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Exciting, powerful singing feels easy when you have the confidence that comes from proper technique. Whether you are belting on Broadway or crooning karaoke in your living room, I can help you unlock the ease and power of your full vocal potential.

A specialist in musical theater and the music of the Great American Songbook, I was also an opera singer for 15 years. If you are a professional concerned about vocal strain and fatigue, the technique I teach will give you a solid foundation of healthy singing that will enable you to have a long career. And for the youngsters, I will give them a foundation that will allow them to take their voices in whatever direction they wish to go.

With a Masters Degree in Voice Performance and Pedagogy and a Bachelors in Voice Performance and Music Education, I have 20 years of teaching experience, both in my private studio and at colleges and universities. My studio includes numerous performance opportunities, including my monthly From Studio to Stage classes, and a yearly recital.

I work with singers who are actively working and auditioning, actors who want to add singing to their skill set, as well as amateurs and novices of all ages. I have particular training in nurturing the young voice, and I take particular joy in developing young talent. And for grown-ups who have always wanted to sing but don't think they can, I love helping them discover the joy of singing!

To schedule a lesson or for further information, phone: (212) 504-3046 or email me.

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“Since I began studying with Natalie, my voice seems totally transformed: it feels freer, clearer, easier, and steadier. I even had a casting director compliment me how far I’d come since he’d seen me audition last year. Natalie has this fantastic balance between technique and heart as we work through exercises and music, helping me to find new acting moments through the notes. I am learning a powerful vocal foundation while also remaining competitive in auditions. She knows this business; she knows New York; and she has phenomenal training. Natalie also has a gift for knowing what images and ideas will connect the most with each student. She is a lovely, smart, kind teacher who will challenge you, inspire you and support you. It would be impossible to recommend her more wholeheartedly.”

- Hanley Smith, Singer/Actress, NYC

"I met Natalie at the TRU "meet the coaches" event and signed up for her 30 minute free introductory class. I've been singing for more than 20 years and have done pretty well but in that short lesson she was able to pinpoint one of my bad breathing habits and warm my voice all the way up to a Bflat! Since working with Natalie I have been called back for 3 Broadway tours and feel even stronger in my auditions. I'm also looking forward to doing my first cabaret in NYC next month! She really knows the mechanics of proper singing technique and support, to be able to sing 8 shows a week, and is always very supportive and easy to work with in our lessons!"

- Drew Martin, Singer/Actor, NYC

“In my first lesson with Natalie, I went from being confused and frustrated with my voice, to feeling excited and confident about what I could accomplish with her expert guidance.  She has helped me rediscover my love for singing, and is transforming my scattered bits of knowledge into a true technique.  I am constantly impressed, both by her extensive technical knowledge, and her fine intuitive understanding of how the voice works.  And, of course, her endless patience and good humor.  Thank you, Natalie!”

- Caitlin McEwan, Actress, NYC

When I came to Natalie, I was feeling a little lost vocally as a result of having some conflicting techniques from previously studies.  I had got to a point where I didn't even feel comfortable opening my mouth to sing in public despite the fact that I had been singing for almost twenty years.  Within four lessons with Natalie Wilson, my technique returned, and I felt secure enough to get onstage and sing a cabaret!

- John Raterman, Actor/Dancer/Singer, NYC

“Natalie has introduced me, in only a few sessions, to the fundamental difference between my chest and head voice--a simple and incredibly important idea that was never articulated in my three years of conservatory training. This new element of my technique already has my voice feeling healthier and stronger, and I'm very excited to continue strengthening with Natalie.”

- Emily Rose Prats, Actress/Singer, NYC

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Please view my online calendar for available times.

Until Nov 22nd:

310 W. 82nd St.

New York, NY

subway: 1 train to 79th St.

Beginning Dec 4th:

128 W. 130th St

New York, NY

subway: 2/3 train to 125th St.                                                


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30 minutes: $50

45 minutes: $75

60 minutes: $95